Hello Fellow
Furry Friends

Chill Out CopyCat
CopyCats Paw Scratch Down
Sneak Peek
Sneak Peek
Cats out of the bag
  • Introducing Random Attributes Seasons utility.
  • Launch 4,444 CopyCats, algorithmically generated, to our awesome community.
One paw at a time
  • Secondary Marketplaces (Magic Eden, Alpha Art).
  • Solanafloor.com and howrare.is.
  • Give back to cat shelters and holders a percentage of sales revenue.
Cats rule the world
  • Grape Verification..
  • Launch CopyCats Merchandise Store: Hats, T-Shirts, Socks, and Stickers. (50% discount for holders).
  • Create and submit a CopyCats set to LEGO Ideas program.
Aim “furr” the Moon
  • Launch companion NFT collection. Free airdrop for CopyCats.
  • Partnerships with Online + Brick & Mortar stores and brands. Discounts and benefits for holders.
  • First in real-life CopyCats meetup.
Aim “furr” the Start
  • Build a Cat Sanctuary with a sponsorship program for CopyCats.
  • CopyCats electronic music festival. Free entry for holders.
  • Establish CopyCats as a Brand.
Rarity Chart

Coming soon...

Why CopyCats?
CopyCats aims to renew excitement within the cat NFT ecosystem. Our goal is to create a community of cat lovers that want to share their passion with the world. In a satirical way, we named our project this way to bring to attention the overloaded NFT pixel art market. In a world full of derivates, everybody tries to be original, but only one can be a CopyCat.
How many CopyCats will there be?
The will be a total of 4,444 CopyCats and some of them will have unique traits.
Wen mint? And price?
Mint date will begin on 24/11/2021 at 11 PM UTC and each NFT will cost 0.44 SOL.
There will be 1/1’s?
Yes. And they will be very, very special. Some of them will have unique (and physical) rewards for the owner.
What traits will the CopyCats have?
CopyCats will have different (and new meta) body types, lots of hats and accessories, and different rarities and rankings. All attributes will be special. You may want to hold your CopyCat, just in case...
Where can I buy or sell my CopyCats?
If you really, really want to sell your CopyCat, after mint, there will be two market places available: Magic Eden and Alpha Art.
The Gang
Slord Manager
0xking Developer
JayPea Artist